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Membership Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") regulates the relationship between Divine (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") and its members in relation to the services provided by the Company.

Article 1. Definitions

  • 1. "Member” in the Agreement is defined as a person who has agreed to the Agreement and has completed the registration process set by the Company.
  • 2. "Member information" in the Agreement means any information disclosed by members to the Company, such as the member's attributes and transaction history.
  • 3. "Member information" refers to information disclosed by a member to the Company, the member's transaction history, etc.
  • 4. The Agreement applies to all customers who wish to become members and to all members who have completed the registration procedures.

Article 2. Registration

  • 1.Membership Requirements
    • (1) Those who have completed the prescribed registration process are eligible for members.
    • (2) Registration must be carried out by the person who will become a member. Please note that customer registerd by proxy may not use the services.
    • (3) The Company reserves the right to refuse the registration to any person who the Company deems unsuitable.
    • (4) Once you have become a paid member, you will be asked to renew your membership on a regular basis. There is no fee to renew your membership, however you may be asked to update the proof of your ID.
  • 2.Management of Password
    • (1) Passwords must be used only by the member and must not be transferred or loaned to any third parties.
    • (2) Members take responsibility to manage their password by changing it regularly so that it cannot be revealed to anyone else.
    • (3) Any statement of intent made to us using a member's password is considered as a statement of intent by said member and the member shall be responsible for all payments caused by the statement.
  • 3.Membership

    Please read the Agreement carefully before proceeding with the registration process.
    The registration process is completed when all the following steps have been taken.

    • (1) Customers submit an application.
    • (2) The Company sends the customer a provisional application email confirming the application.
    • (3) The customer confirms the contents of the Membership Agreement again by URL in the email.
    • (4) The customer makes the definitive registration.
    • (5) Account registration for the customer is complete.
    • (6) The customer makes the payment of the prescribed system service fee. (by bank transfer or credit card)
    • (7) The Company approves the customer's membership.
  • 4.Submission of Proof of ID

    The Company grants members only one account per person.
    In order to manage this rule, members needs to register their bank account and upload their ID within one month from the day when the membership is approved.
    Please note that the Company cannot pay commissions to the members who have not provided the Company with their ID.

    【Valid ID】 Passport / Driver's License / My Number Registration Card (with photo only)

  • 5.Commission Payments

    The payment conditions of commission payments are as the information on the Site.

  • 6.Services

    The Company strives to make it easy for members to use the affiliate services on the members website by providing them with affiliate tools and services developed and managed in-house.

  • 7.Re-registration

    Those who canceled their membership after completing the paid member registration process will not able to register again for 90 days from the cancellation date.
    Once you have re-registered, you shall not be entitled to receive any refund of the system service fee.

Article 3. Suspension and Revocation of Membership

  • 1. If a member has made a false declaration when applying for registration, or if there are any other reasons that the Company considers inappropriate, the Company may revoke the membership.
  • 2. If a member commits any of the following acts, the member shall be liable to compensate the Company for any loss or damage incurred by the Company as a result of the acts.
    • (1) Unauthorized use of the membership number and password.
    • (2) Interference with the Company's business by falsifying the information on the Site or sending harmful computer programs, etc.
    • (3) Infringement of the intellectual property rights of the products handled by the Company.
    • (4) Any other act contrary to the Agreement.
  • 3. If the Company is unable to verify that a member has logged in to the Site for a continuous period of one year, the Company will suspend the service to the account in order to provide a secure environment for the members at all times.
    During the period of account inactivity, the balance of the account will be held in the administration for asset protection purposes.
    Please note that the Company will activate the account and return the balance to the Site in full when the member contacts the Company to restart.

Article 4. Handling of Membership Information

  • 1. The company shall not disclose member information to third parties without the prior consent of the member, with the exception of cases where disclosure is required by law.
  • 2. The Company may use members information to provide them with services, improve the services, promote the use of our services, and to ensure the smooth and healthy operation of our services.
  • 3. The Company may provide members with information (including advertisements) via email newsletters and other methods.

Article 5. Prohibited Items

Members are not permitted to do any of the following acts.

  • 1. Violating the law, the Agreement, and the notes of use of the Service.
  • 2. Damaging the rights, interests, or reputation, etc. of the Company or any third party.
  • 3. Providing false information.
  • 4. Sending or writing harmful computer programs, emails, etc.
  • 5. Unauthorised access to our servers or other computers.
  • 6. lending or transferring the password to a third party, or sharing it with a third party.
  • 7. Conducting sales activities for other companies in the similar industry to the Company, or inviting affiliates to join another company in the similar industry.
  • 8. Representing or acting on behalf of third parties in the registration process, with or without their consent.
  • 9. Altering the Company's advertising material, affiliate links or any other specified conditions.
  • 10. Placing advertisements in media other than that of which the member has notified the Company.
  • 11. Sending spam
    Sending spam, posting on notice boards, or similar forms of advertising by email or other means.
  • 12. Continuing to post advertising material or other affiliate link codes even after you have withdrawn.
  • 13. Registering more than one person as one person.
  • 14. Any other activity that the the Company considers inappropriate.

Article 6. Suspension and Interruption of the Service

In order to keep the service in good working condition, the Company may stop providing all or part of the service without notice if any of the following applies.

  • 1. If necessary for regular and emergency maintenance of the system.
  • 2. If the system is overloaded.
  • 3. If the operation of the system becomes difficult due to a fire, power failure or sabotage by a third party.
  • 4. If the Company deems it necessary to suspend the system due to other unavoidable reasons.

Article 7. Payment of Commissions

  • 1. The Company calculates the amount of the commissions to the members on the last day of each month as the closing date, and the member may request the payment of the commission after the 25th of the following month.
  • 2. The method of calculating commission is as set out on the Site. In addition, all handling fees of financial institutions and payment service providers at the time of the payment shall be born by members.
  • 3. Commissions shall be paid to the member's designated account within 7 working days from the date when the member takes the prescribed procedures to the Company.
  • 4. In the event that a member is unable to make a payment due to incomplete registration information, the member shall be responsible for any fees charged by the financial institution or payment service provider for sending the payment.
  • 5. The tax processing of the commissions under this article is the responsibility of the members in accordance with the tax law and regulations of the country in which the member live.

Article 8. Disclaimer

  • 1. The Company shall not be liable for any damage caused to members by interruptions, delays, suspensions, loss of data, or illegal access to data on the system, due to faults in the networks, computers, etc., or for any other damages caused in relation to the Company's services.
  • 2. The Company does not warrant that emails content sent from our webpage, servers or domains are free of computer viruses or other harmful components.
  • 3. The Company shall not be liable for any loss or damage incurred by a third party as a result of member's breach of the Agreement.

Article 9. Cancellation and withdrawal of membership by the Company

In the event of any of following events, the Company reserves the right to cancel the membership registration of the member and to terminate the membership without any notice or consent.

  • 1. The Company judges that it is impossible to contact the member by email due to the reasons such as not receiving emails more than 3 times to the member.
  • 2. The member has committed any of the prohibited acts listed in the Agreement.
  • 3. The Company be aware of the death of the member.

Article 10. Amendments to the Agreement

The Company reserves the right to amend the Agreement at any time. In addition, the Company may establish an agreement to supplement the Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Supplementary Agreement").
The revised supplementary agreement will apply from the time of posting on the Site. In this case, the member shall follow the revised (supplementary) Agreement.

Article 11. Intellectual Property Rights on the Company's Site

  • 1. All intellectual property rights in the pages, screens, information and any other material on the Company's site are owned by the Company unless otherwise stated.
  • 2. Those who authorised by the Company to view, copy, print or distribute material on the Site are subject to the following conditions.
    • (1) The material may be used for information purposes only.
    • (2) The material may be used only for non-commercial purposes.
    • (3) Any reproduction of the material in whole or in part must include the copyright information contained herein.
    • "All services and products described on the Site may be protected by other intellectual property rights owned by the Company and may not be licensed hereunder.
      No amendments or modifications, including the removal of any identifying marks or descriptions, may be made to any material printed or downloaded from the Site. You may not use the Site for any unlawful, abusive, defamatory, obscene or threatening purpose."

  • 3. Certain names, graphics, logos, icons, designs, terms, titles and phrases appearing on the Site are trade names or registered trademarks owned by Divine or third parties and used by Divine and its subsidiaries or affiliates under license.
    On the most of the Site, prior to use, these trademarks are clearly marked with the Company's proprietary 🄬, TM or other similar symbols. However, The display of trademarks on the pages of the Site does not imply that any licence has been granted to any person.
    Any unauthorised downloading, retransmission, reproduction or alteration of the trademarks and content by members may be in breach of statute or case law, trademark law or copyright law and may result in legal action being taken against the member.

Article 12. Withdrawal

Withdrawal process of membership must be carried out by the member. Withdrawal process by proxy is not allowed.

Article 13. Withdrawal Procedure

  • 1. The Company shall not refund any of the member's service fees.
  • 2. Members may request a refund of the system service fee paid to the Company (except in the case of re-registration) only if the withdrawal procedure is completed within 20 days from the date when the member became a paid member (the approval date) .

Article 14. Applicable Law and Court of Jurisdiction

  • 1. The legal relationship between the Company and the members and the Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
  • 2. The courts of Socialist Republic of Vietnam shall be the agreed court of jurisdiction for any litigation concerning the Agreement.
  • 3. Please note that the laws and regulations of other countries do not apply.
  • 4. As registration is via the Site, there is no written communication. If you require a written copy, please print out and keep a copy of the Agreement.

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